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Melissa-Long Beach, California

"Your wedding day is one of those kind of days that you anticipate more than you can ever possibly imagine. The planning and preparation can be enough to keep you up at night. Decisions, Decisions.....Photography, your wedding pictures, being at the core of just about the most important aspect of your wedding. Who will be the person you can trust to capture the priceless moments of that day? Thankfully, I was blessed to have a great friend that introduced me to Brett Charles Rose , "Wow! is all I can say!" Brett is a true artist and professional. I just recently got married this April 17, 2010. When I viewed my wedding pictures for the 1st time, my expectations were surpassed. I had such bad, post wedding blues because my wedding went by in what felt like a blink of an eye. However, while viewing the pictures every emotion that I felt that day and the special moments I shared came alive in technicolor.BCR gets in such a mode and he is unstoppable, and he is quite the perfectionist. His artistic perception, and his ability to capture the precise moment, takes the setting to the next level. The way he uses his surroundings to create photographic masterpieces is incredible. He also has a natural ability to communicate to you and all others involved, exactly what he needs in order to create photographs that will evoke those special memories and feelings, the ones you want to return, and remain with you forever. Brett Charles Rose, thank-you, you have truly found your true passion and calling in life."

Jaime-Escondido, California

"We were looking for a photographer for our wedding. We had gone to 3 different bridal shows, done extensive online searches and tons of meetings/interviews. We decided on Brett. I'm so glad we did! He was a perfect fit for us and our celebration. We talked all about our "vision" and how we wanted someone creative. He listened to everything we wanted. We had met with a lot of photographers and I was surprised to find that so many of them were against couples waiting until the ceremony to see eachother. Everyone else tried to push us to meet before the ceremony so that we could get pictures out of the way beforehand. Call it old fashioned but we wanted to wait and do the "traditional" thing. Brett did not push us do that. He went with whatever we wanted. During our engagement session he made us very comfortable. My husband and I were a little camera shy and Brett really helped us come out of our shell and made it such an enjoyable experience that we will always remember. It was a lot of fun. The man will lay in the middle of the street to get the shot! On the day of the wedding he and his assistant were on time and ready to go. They did a great job of capturing all the special moments on the ladies side as well as the mens side. During the ceremony and reception you would have hardly known he was there. He stayed out of the way yet managed to get all the great shots. (some pretty hilarious ones actually) He was a pleasure to work with and I would refer anyone I know to him. Our photos turned out great and our albums were AWESOME! Hopefully sometime in the near future we can get my entire family in one place at one time and have him do family photos."