Bridal Bouquets- The Latest and Greatest
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29 July 2014
By Brett Charles Rose
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As I have been a wedding photographer for some time now, I have seen a wide range of bridal bouquets.  All are gorgeous while some are simple, some are classic and some are unique.  When I photograph a wedding, bouquets are one of the things I am always sure to take detail shots of while the bride is getting ready.  The bride's bouquet embodies her style, personality and sets the tone for the rest of the wedding's decorations.  Styles vary greatly between brides and also between season and location of the wedding.  As a San Diego wedding photographer we have great weather for weddings most of the year but as with other locations, summer is still a peak season.  Today I am going to showcase some of my favorite bridal bouquets from the recent years.  Whether you're in the wedding planning process, trying to find inspiration for the perfect bouquet or if you just enjoy admiring I hope you enjoy-

Red Bouquets

These bright bridal bouquets really make a statement, not only from their color but also from the flowers they are made of.  The first is a unique bouquet, keeping with the traditional Hawaiian elements sprinkled through this bride's ceremony.  The second, a red rose bouquet with calla lily accents was made for a bride getting married in the Big Apple, nothing quite says New York like a classic red statement bouquet.  This red rose bouquet was paired perfectly with the yellow and orange bridesmaids bouquets, providing color to the wedding party but not detracting from the bride.

Yellow and Orange Bouquets

This is a very popular color scheme among summer weddings, especially in San Diego.  The combination of orange and yellow is often mixed with white and/or green accents to round out the bouquet.  These bouquets provide a cheerful blast of color amongst the bride, bridesmaids and wedding reception.  These bouquets often consist of a unique selection of flowers not always used in other color bouquets.


(Mostly) White Bouquets

White arrangements tend to be very classic, traditional bouquets.  While some keep this tone, I have had some brides take the classic white bouquet and put a twist on it, making one of a kind, unique wedding bouquets.  I chose two of each to showcase, all are very beautiful but the difference in style really comes out when contrasting this group.  The first two are more traditional uses of the white bouquet and the second set put a little twist on it.  First, these two bouquets highlight the delicate nature of a white bouquet with the use of fairly traditional flowers.  The bottom left photo is a traditional bouquet that took a modern spin by adding a waterfall of orchids and the bottom right photo is a very unique and simplistic bouquet, featuring only a handful of white Casa Blanca Lilies.

Pink Bouquets

A pink bouquet can take on different feels based on the hue that the bride chooses.  The bouquets that I chose to share with you today overall have a very delicate vibe.  The combination of light pinks and white with hints of green gives them a very romantic feel about them.  As roses are always a very popular flower for wedding arrangements and decorations, they play especially well with light pink bouquets.

Purple Bouquets

Purple bouquets can be similar to pink bouquets as they vary greatly by hue, the photos below feature a deep purple hue.  These deeper colors really stand out because of the contrast they have against the white of the bride's wedding dress.  As with other bouquets, the type of flower that is featured in the bouquet sets the tone for the whole arrangement.  Here  are a handful of my favorites.

I hope you enjoyed checking out some of these great bouquets!



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