Cassidy + Noah's San Diego Wedding
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11 August 2014
By Brett Charles Rose
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Years ago- living in a house, affectionately called The Soaring Nest, I had the pleasure to meet Noah as a roommate.  Noah is a great guy, he is a very talented drummer, a great snowboarder, has a great punk rock style and on top of all that he’s one of the hardest working cats I know.  Noah is a Journeyman plumber and is now a foreman on big commercial jobs.  This is how he met his new wife and also my friend, Cassidy.  She  was working at her job in research when, out of the corner of her eye she saw Noah, who was in the building doing some work.  She took an immediate liking to Noah.  Years and two pomeranians later, they’re now a big family, including Cassidy, Noah and their Pomerianians Vinny and Ziggy.  These pups are such a big part of this happy family they even made an appearance at Cassidy and Noah’s engagement shoot.   Noah’s family all came in from Alaska as they are all from Ketchikan, Noah included.  A lot of Cassidy’s family came in from North Dakota so there were guests in from all corners of America.  Their wedding day was a terrific tour of San Diego- we started off at Noah and Cassidy’s house for the guys prep. The boys kept it snappy casual with straight ties, vests and Adiddas while Vinny and Ziggy popped in their dapper bow ties.

Next on the agenda, we popped over to a beautiful ocean view home for the ladies prep photos in Pacific Beach that Noah’s family rented for the week.    Cassidy’s dress was a great big secret and it didn’t disappoint on her wedding day, the bottom flowing with peacock feathers and a intricately beaded bodice, one of the coolest wedding gowns ever.


Once in her wedding gown, the whole wedding party and immediate family popped over to Balboa Park for Noah and Cassidy’s first look.  Balboa Park on the weekends can be pretty hectic, but we were able to find some great spots all our own for some terrific photos.  After the first look, we got some shots of  Cassidy and Noah, the bridal party and the family.

Next stop- Kate Sessions Park for their outdoor wedding ceremony.   This park overlooks Pacific beach, Mission Bay and Downtown San Diego.  The couple’s choice of purple, green and black for their colors popped with the green grassy slopes of Kate Sessions and the terrific views in the distance.

After rings, kisses and a dove release, we all headed to San Diego’s famous Bali Hai for the party.  As always, The Bali Hai did not disappoint.  With great views, great drinks and great food, it’s always a blast to have your wedding reception at The Bali Hai.  Even the owner, Larry, is always on hand to make sure everything is going smoothly.

I want to thank Veronica Carr with Type A Soirée Events, she was so organized and easy to work with, I can’t wait to work with her again!  Again I want to thank Larry and his kick-A staff at The Bali Hai, also my friend Average Joe Comstock with JMC Events.  I want to thank my assistants for the day, Pete and Joey.  And most importantly, thank you so much to my great friends Cassidy and Noah, their bridal party and their families for being so awesome all day long.

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