Shana + Devon's Wedding
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07 August 2014
By Brett Charles Rose
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I feel like high school sweethearts getting married are a rarity.  So much gets in the way, personal growth, careers but it sure is a beautiful and romantic thing when it works out.  This is the case with my new friends, Shana and Devon, they have been together since 10th grade!  I believe at the wedding I heard that was 11 years ago, thats more than a decade!  Thats like 16-27, right?  Well its awesome!  The love that these two share for each other is palpable.  I had the pleasure to meet Shana and Devon at The Crossings at Carlsbad’s annual bridal showcase where some of the preferred vendors get to meet perspective brides and grooms at the actual venue.  Shana and Devon live in Orange County, so they were able to secure quite a few of their vendors for their wedding at the bridal show.  They came down to my studio, which is in Old Town San Diego, for a consultation one evening and after talking, getting to know each other and looking over some of my work we said goodbye and off they went to one of the numerous Mexican restaurants Old Town has to offer… or so I thought.  Five minutes went by and a little knock at the door, it was Shana and Devon!  They said they didn’t want to look any further and told me that they wanted me to shoot their wedding, which I was elated by.  The next time I saw Shana and Devon was for their engagement shoot up in Laguna Beach, which was awesome, complete with a gorgeous Orange County sunset.   From this shoot, we had some really great photos to make their signing album with.  Their beautiful wedding at The Crossings at Carlsbad took place on July 26th, with approximately 200 guests in attendance.  We had  a blast shooting all the preparation photos right across the street from The Crossings at the Sheraton Carlsbad Resort and Spa.  We started with prep photos of Shana and her bridesmaids while they got ready for her big day.


Then a few of Devon and the guys also.


Shana and Devon decided to do a first look and the property that The Sheraton in Carlsbad offered was perfect for a great first look shoot.


After some portraits, we all went across the street to The Crossings for the ceremony, I feel this site is one of the prettiest venues San Diego County has to offer with gorgeous Pacific Ocean views and a nice ocean breeze as well.


After the ceremony we got to shoot some great photos of the bridal party, the family and most important Shana and Devon.  They have a beautiful waterfall there that was perfect for a few romantic photos of these two newlyweds.


After a great reception with delicious food, I had the chance to take Shana and Devon out for a couple of my favorite backlit, night time photos which came out awesome, in this photographers opinion. :)

I want to thank Shana, Devon, the whole bridal party, both of their wonderful families for being so gracious to me and my staff, Lindsey at The Crossings was awesome to work with and it was great to see Michael Tiernan at this event as well.  It was a beautiful and special day and I was honored to be a part of it.  Thanks for checking my blog!

All the best,



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